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Giveaway: Win Tin Can Titans

  John Wukovits’ Tin Can Titans: The Heroic Men and Ships of World War II’s Most Decorated Navy Destroyer Squadron tells the story of Destroyer Squadron 21, which sunk (or helped sink) 10 submarines and a number of other surface vessels, destroyed an abundance of enemy planes, and rescued more than 1800 serviceman. Wukovits, a military historian, interviewed the …

Published: May 26, 2017

Ken Pisani: How I Write

“If I’m just writing jokes, that’s not very gratifying. I want to find human truths. “

By Allison Futterman | Published: May 16, 2017

Caroline Leavitt: Portrait of a modern novelist

Best-selling author Caroline Leavitt has had both towering highs and staggering lows in her long career. Here’s what she’s learned after 11 novels and several decades in the industry.

By Nicki Porter | Published: May 16, 2017