“Wild” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent – Deadline August 31, 2016

| Theme: The untamed, free and undeveloped. The turbulent, unrestrained, emotional and extreme. Animals, people and places that are wild. It can be expressed in symbolic, literal, modern, traditional, abstract, and completely unique ways. Share your interpretation of WILD. | Eligible Submissions: Entries may include fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to …

Published: August 3, 2016


School may be out for the summer, but The Writer is still looking to learn a thing or two. Our latest short story contest is about education in all forms: life lessons, coming-of-age lessons, lessons learned the hard way. Whether your character is steeped in academia or getting educated at the School of Hard Knocks, …

Published: July 19, 2016

Free Verse Poetry

Share a free verse poem to enter this contest. This poetry type does not follow any structure or style. There is no fixed meter and no structure regarding rhyme and lines in each stanza. Creativity is encouraged.

Published: July 19, 2016

New Millennium Literary Awards

Over the past 20 years, New Millennium Writings has: Published more than 1,500 new and emerging writers Awarded over $200,000 in top literary prizes Delivered more than 40,000 free copies of the annual anthologies to submitters At $20, our entry fee remains one of the lowest in country. In fact, it’s only increased $3 in …

Published: July 19, 2016

Streetlight’s Short Short Fiction Contest

Send us your best short shorts (any subject) up to 1000 words in length. Please submit only one story per entry–multiple entries are permitted. Winners will be chosen by our judges Erika Raskin & Suzanne Freeman. All winning entries will be published in the fall issue of Streetlight magazine, October, 2016. Additionally, all contest entries …

Published: July 15, 2016

What If You Work Up In A Cell?

What would happen if your character work up in a cell? Perhaps he or she woke up in the cell for the first time with no idea where he or she was? Perhaps this character has been in a cell for a long time and has a plan. You write the story that begins with …

Published: July 15, 2016

Tethered by Letters’ Spring 2016 Writing Contests

The deadline for Tethered by Letters’ 2016 Spring Writing Contests is August 1! This time around, Tethered by Letters is offering $1600 in prizes for our Spring Contest winners. Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven, will be judging short story submissions; poet, teacher, and activist Suzi Q. Smith is the poetry judge; and …

Published: July 15, 2016

Love Poem Poetry Contest

Write a Love Poem to enter this contest. Your poem can be of any type (Acrostic, Haiku, free verse or your own type). Just do your best to touch the hearts of the judges.

Published: July 15, 2016

New Writer Awards – Sequestrum

Over $500 in total prizes will be awarded to up-and-coming writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Prose and poetry will be judged separately with one first prize winner per genre. First prize of $200 (one per genre) and $50 runner-up prizes (minimum two per genre). All winners and runners-up will be published in our Spring …

Published: July 15, 2016

CWI Short Story Contest

This is a themed contest and this exact sentence must appear in the story: “Explain how that happened!” • Open genre • Your story must be between 1,500 and 2,000 words. • No swearing, profanity, explicit sexual scenes, graphic violence, etc. • Your story must not have been published before. By entering this contest, winners …

Published: July 15, 2016