Sonnet Poetry Contest

The challenge of this contest is to write a sonnet in iambic pentameter, just like Shakespeare did. The rules: It must consist of 14 lines. It must be written in iambic pentameter (duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH). It must be written in the abab cdcd efef gg rhyme scheme. To see an example view the contest announcement.

Published: November 21, 2016

“Flecks of Red” Poetry Contest

“Flecks of Red” Chapbook Anthology Contest Submission Guidelines, Nautical Life Press 1. Interested participants may submit up to 5 poems for consideration. All submissions will be considered in poetry contest but not all submissions will be accepted for publication in the chapbook anthology. 2. Each poem should be no longer than one page, single space. …

Published: November 21, 2016

Christmas Poetry Contest

Share a poem about Christmas to enter this poetry contest at FanStory.com. All poetry types are welcomed. All skill levels welcomed. Just write about Christmas.

Published: November 21, 2016

Page 112 Writing Contest

You started writing your autobiography earlier this year. In 484 words or fewer, tell us what you’ve written so far on page 112.

Published: November 21, 2016

Haiku Poetry

Write a Haiku. This poem only three lines. The first line contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables.

Published: November 21, 2016

Streetlight Magazine 2016 Poetry Contest

As with our regular poetry submissions, we seek poems which resonate with the power and beauty of the English language; poems which show what is extraordinary about the common and what is common about the extraordinary. Send us 3-5 unpublished poems per entry. We prefer that single poems be no longer than one page in …

Published: November 21, 2016

Share A Story In A Poem

Write a poem that also tells a story. That is the challenge for this contest. All poetry is welcomed but there must be a rhyme scheme. See an example in the announcement.

Published: November 21, 2016

San Francisco Writers Conference

What will be happening at the SFWC? The event spans four days (five if you count the free session on Wednesday evening!) The event is packed with 100+ sessions for writers–from the craft of writing to the business of publishing. There is copious networking with the very people who can advance your writing career; a …

Published: November 21, 2016

Lune Poetry

Write a Lune? What’s a Lune? It’s a poem with just three lines that follows a specific syllable count. It has 5 syllables in the first line, 3 syllables in the second line and 5 syllable in the final line. Rhymes are fine but not required. The subject matter is open. Example: trees never wander …

Published: November 1, 2016