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Sarah Tomp

Sound thoughts

By Sarah Tomp

Can you discover narrative through auditory practices?


The annual children’s and YA issue


5 terrible, horrible [you know the rest] mistakes

By Margaret Meacham

Working on a book for young readers? Take these tips on what not to do.

Pure writer

By Elfrieda Abbe

Julianna Baggott develops cross-genre stories of hope, faith and love.

Dual power

By Megan Kaplon

Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely talk about co-writing for the community good.

Venice reach

By Jack Smith

To deepen your sense of setting, explore it.



One true rule

By Anica Mrose Rissi

Make sure your story will get two paws up.



By Michael Kurland

Create minor characters that pop off the page.


School supplies

By Melissa Hart

Connect to young readers with dynamic classroom visits.


A class of its own

By Meredith Quinn

Think pursuing an MFA for your chapter book is overkill? Think again.


Read, write, draw

By Meredith Quinn

Children’s book writers and illustrators take over Midtown.


For girls, by girls

By Melissa Hart

Adults can publish too, but girls 8 and up get preference.

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Take Note

Kelly Gardiner, Kwame Alexander, and more.

Writers on Writing

Sharon Dennis Wyeth


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How I Write

Julie Murphy: “The key to nailing the YA voice is remembering that teens aren't the aliens we so often make them out to be.”