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Alicia Anstead

Celebrating nature in writing

By Alicia Anstead

May is the time of year when many of us emerge from long, hard winters to take a restorative breath of warm air. In part, that’s why Diane Ackerman is on our cover. We thought she would be the perfect embodiment of the inspiration and comfort writers take from the beauty and fierceness of the natural world.

Another celebration of the natural world: our short story writing contest An Ocean of Possibility. We offer three ocean-centered quotations from some of our favorite writers and ask you to submit 1,000-word short stories for consideration. Submit online April 1 – 30.


Natural talent

By Megan Kaplon

Diane Ackerman combines a love of writing with a deep dedication to science.

I am my own scribe

By Julie Krug

Playwright Doug Wright talks about obsessions and the creative freedom of crafting for the stage.

Believe in magic

By Sage Kalmus

A reliable narrator establishes emotional truth for readers.

What's the big idea?

By Patti Hartigan

Suzan-Lori Parks goes after stories with a commitment to discovery and to the power of dreamy moments.



Going old school

By Michael Cahlin

Are pen and paper for you?


Ed talk

By Lydie Raschka

Edits that look like bloodshed are ultimately lifesavers.


Stepping-stone to success

By Simon Whaley

Reroute rejection for a positive outcome.


Look out

By Roger Morris

Try these 10 tips for managing in-advance seasonal assignments.


From MFA to book deal

By Meredith Quinn

A university and a children’s publisher team up.


Get connected

By Meredith Quinn

Journalists and authors come together in New York City for ASJA.


Getting Normal

By Melissa Hart

Got a pocket full of marbles? This lit mag is for you.


1940: 75-year-old writing advice

By Nicki Porter

Faith Baldwin’s words still ring true today.

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