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Pamela Jane

Just wait

By Pamela Jane

A short story rejected in grade school becomes a cause of action.


MARCH: Marketing, social media and short stories


Literary treaty

By Alicia Anstead

Colum McCann writes novels and short stories. Both genres express an internal autobiographical truth. Here's how he does it.

"Gargoyles and Stars," the Two Roads Diverge Contest winner

By Caroline Bock

Meet Lydia, a cheerful and humorous woman on the hunt in New York City for her parked car. Despite vibrant memories, her loyalty to the past is trumped only by the fact that it doesn’t exist outside of her imagination.

Price of promotion

By Anica Mrose Rissi

Take these steps for a DIY book launch.

Obsessed by story

By Megan Kaplon

Megan Mayhew Bergman moved from short form fiction to nonfiction to a novel. She says she's not a thrill seeker. But her work may prove her wrong.



The fix

By Joan Axelrod-Contrada

Toughen up about critiques.


Out of the shell

By Kerrie Flanagan

Don't let being an introvert stop success.


Word key

By Nicki Porter

How seriously should you take SEO?


Clear the calendar

By Susan Johnston

Booking software can tame the scheduling beast.


Rising tide

By Meredith Quinn

A crash course sparks networking and collaboration.


Smoke break

By Melissa Hart

Rotating editors choose flash fiction for an online lit mag.

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How I Write

Katherine Heiny: "I grew to love the challenges and rewards of the short story – the way you have to be precise and condensed and make every word count."