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  • GH

    This is one of the worst customer experiences I’ve EVER had.
    Not only did they print my books BACKWARDS but the head of the company, when I brought up the error, spoke to me in an incredibly condescending way, he refused to be apologetic & was defensive the entire time.
    He then proceeded to tell me that he was NOT going to remake my books & that he didn’t need my money.
    I cannot say this enough… STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

    Another friend of mine who has had smaller things printed from them also commented on the incredibly unprofessional communications from this person.


    Also apparently I am not the only one who has experienced this persons incredibly rude demeanor –
    “The owner is one of the least professional people we have interacted with on any level and lacks the etiquette and demeanor that one would expect from a business person.”
    that was taken from a review on Yelp