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A writer’s guide to saving for retirement

The literary agent-author relationship


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Meryl Moss: Like a rolling stone

The famed publicist shares her best tips for gaining marketing momentum in an overcrowded publishing landscape … Read More “Meryl Moss: Like a rolling stone”

Finding hope through story

A young adult novelist uncovers the truth she never meant to write … Read More “Finding hope through story”

Nine strategies for handling criticism as a writer

Follow these tips to develop a thick skin and avoid popping when people react negatively to your writing … Read More “Nine strategies for handling criticism as a writer”

The unconventional query

Whether you want to sell a magazine article, business book, or pretty much anything between, the formula is simple: 1) Send query letter. 2) Send … Read More “The unconventional query”

Pro tips for writing and publishing speculative fiction

Seasoned writers explain what speculative fiction is, and literary agents share how you can get it published … Read More “Pro tips for writing and publishing speculative fiction”

Writing Prompts

Looking forward, looking back: a new writing prompt for a new decade

It’s the start of a new decade. How has your protagonist changed over the past 10 years? What moments in his or her life … Read More “Looking forward, looking back: A writing prompt for a new decade”

Write a short story that begins with one of the following lines:   Though she wasn’t one for gossip, Mrs. Jamison knew exactly who … Read More “Fresh beginnings”

New Year's Resolutions: A January writing prompt

Make a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions for each character in your novel. What do they hope to achieve this year? What have … Read More “January writing prompt: Resolute”


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