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Antiracist books & resources for writers

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How to foster more empathy in your memoir

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Writing Prompts

Writing prompt: In the bag

Stuck inside lately? Live vicariously through your character for a bit with this writing prompt: What’s on the list of things your character would … Read More “In the bag”

Write a short story that begins with one of the following lines:   Though she wasn’t one for gossip, Mrs. Jamison knew exactly who … Read More “Fresh beginnings”

A black-and-white pencil illustration of a rolling snowball.

Ever heard of a snowball poem? It’s a constraint in which a poem starts with a one-letter word and each word after it … Read More “Poetry writing prompt: Snowball effect”


Summer Guide to Writing Contests

Inside this free guide, you’ll find dozens of contests for every genre, all with deadlines in spring and summer 2020. Download it today!