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The changing face of writing conferences in a pandemic

Anatomy of an antagonist: Writing the ideal villain for your fiction


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Antiracist books & resources for writers

Take action and better educate yourself or your children about race and equality with this list of reading recommendations, virtual events, organizations, and Black-owned … Read More “Antiracist books & resources for writers”

Virtual learning opportunities for writers

Since conferences aren’t back on the table for most writers just yet, here are some online learning resources for craft-hungry scribes … Read More “Virtual learning opportunities for writers”

Gigi Will Know: Are editors sick of COVID-19 pitches yet?

“I want to write about the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’m worried literary journal editors are saturated with similar submissions … Read More “Gigi Will Know: Are editors sick of COVID-19 pitches yet?”

How to take your writing research to the next level

From the Library of Congress to the Smithsonian Institution, national research resources abound for the curious writer. Here’s how to use them … Read More “How to take your writing research to the next level”

Writing Prompts

Writing prompt: In the bag

Stuck inside lately? Live vicariously through your character for a bit with this writing prompt: What’s on the list of things your character would … Read More “In the bag”

Describe a car accident from three different perspectives: One driver as the accident happens, a witness immediately after the accident, and the at-fault driver … Read More “Writing prompt: Crash”

A black-and-white pencil illustration of a rolling snowball.

Ever heard of a snowball poem? It’s a constraint in which a poem starts with a one-letter word and each word after it … Read More “Poetry writing prompt: Snowball effect”


2020 Fall Short Story Contest

Submit your best work of fiction in 2,000 words or less for your chance to win $1,000.