Win a copy of Colum McCann’s short story collection

The novelist and National Book Award winner shows that there is big power in the short story.
Published: February 3, 2016

Colum McCann photo by jake belcher for the writerNovelist and National Book Award winner Colum McCann shows that there is big power in the short story. In his newest collection Thirteen Ways of Looking, McCann says he held back with some of his first lines. “I wanted to keep the tempo quiet at first and then draw the reader in,” he says in the March cover story of The Writer.

In the interview, McCann dissects the short story format. He says, “I think a story, when properly told, finds its own natural length. If you try to extend it too much, it just stretches and begins to bore, and if you try to compress it too much, it just fractures.” McCann also discusses the challenges of short stories and novels, the importance of details, research and quotation marks.








colum mccann thirteen ways of lookingWin Colum McCann’s short story collection

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