Giveaway: Win The Jottery

This week's book giveaway will help get your creative process going.

The Jottery



Feeling a little stuck lately? This week’s book giveaway might help.

The Jottery contains hundreds of prompts and exercises to get the words – and your creative process – going.

If you use this book properly, or even improperly, you should end up with a bunch of possibly good, potentially useful, conceivably profitable, maybe illuminating, and hopefully amusing. There is also a chance you’ll come up with nothing, and experience a beautiful idealessness that would be the envy of Zen monks everywhere. Also a win,” writes author Andy Selsberg in the premise.


A few sample prompts that you’ll find in The Jottery include:

  • What are the top slang terms used in hell?
  • Your goal is to attain the nickname “Hometown Fun Machine.” What are six things you do, or avoid doing, to accomplish this?
  • Just what is it about that night that compels and haunts and drives you, all these years later?


We’re giving away a copy of this book to one lucky reader. Enter by 11:59 p.m. EST on November 17th for your chance to win.



This giveaway is now closed. We thank you for your interest. 

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