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How to structure a premise for stronger stories

“A big-city cop moves to a small coastal town…” Developing a carefully structured premise can arm you with a strong story and a solid pitch line. It’s something agents can sink their “jaws” into.

By Jeff Lyons | Published: July 6, 2017

Rion Amilcar Scott: Writers on Writing

“Reading poetry every day makes your language more fluid. It makes you more attuned to the weight of words and more conversant with image and metaphor.”

By Gabriel Packard | Published: July 5, 2017

Heidi Pitlor: Page turner

Author/editor Heidi Pitlor knows how to get inside a character’s – and a reader’s – head.

By Nicki Porter | Published: June 29, 2017


This online, self-guided program promises all of the academic benefits of an MFA degree – without all the debt.

By Jeff Tamarkin | Published: June 26, 2017