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Olivia Laing: Writers on Writing

“If you keep writing down and shaping thoughts, eventually there’ll be a book. It’s not magic, it’s labor.”

By Gabriel Packard | Published: August 9, 2017

Kill book sales with kindness

Promoting your novel doesn’t have to be a soulless affair. This debut author hit the best-seller list with gratitude, generosity, and plenty of engagement.

By Yi Shun Lai | Published: August 8, 2017

Ian Purkayastha: How I Write

“In my everyday life, I’m pretty private and reserved, so the hardest part was taking personal emotion and putting it on the page. “

By Allison Futterman | Published: August 7, 2017

Matthew Norman: How I Write

“I tend to see the world through a humor lens. I use it as a defense mechanism. That may be a personality flaw, but it makes me the writer I am.”

By Allison Futterman | Published: August 3, 2017


Stepping away from social media and back into what’s most important.

By Brent van Staalduinen | Published: July 7, 2017