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Ask The Writer: Does my character’s voice need to be grammatically correct?

In my current story, my grammar check keeps adding “and” before some of my sentences that include “then.” For example: “We took off, then he called.” It happens a lot with this narrator. When I add the “and,” the sentence sounds wrong. Is there another way to deal with this?

Ask The Writer: When is it OK to use multiple points of view in a novel? This illustration shows a variety of multicolored hands reaching towards a collection of different-colored speech bubbles.

Ask The Writer: When is it OK to use multiple points of view in a novel?

“Writers are often instructed to use only one point of view in a novel. However, I note that some authors use multiple points of view – often in the same chapter. Are multiple points of view OK if transitions are not jarring and the reader isn’t overloaded?”

What’s the best way to end a series installment? Photo by memedozaslanphotography/Shutterstock

Ask The Writer: Ending on a cliffhanger

We answer a reader’s question about the best way to end each book in their series.

Can nonfiction be dramatized?

It’s important to clarify for the reader what kind of information he or she is getting when you repurpose true events.

The importance of a cover letter

Not sure if your query needs a cover letter? Our “Ask The Writer” expert weighs in.