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The curious Cuse of Bates Motel

Screenwriter and showrunner Carlton Cuse on shaping TV stories, collaborating with a team, the writers’ room and the importance of a good lunch.

Veena Sud: Be ready

The Killing creator Veena Sud offers tips on pacing a story and the tenacity it takes to work in TV.

Sarah Treem: On a different path

Playwright, screenwriter and producer Sarah Treem takes the triple-threat road to success.

Screenwriter Callie Khouri: In tune

Screenwriter Callie Khouri looks for the story in the score and scripts of the hit TV show Nashville.


Take a tip from Aaron Sorkin. Be bold. You may even get a language named after you.

Raising hell

For five seasons, Vince Gilligan has channeled his inner monster to terrify TV audiences. As the series ends, he reflects on the process of raising hell and retiring a hit show.

Julian Fellowes: true to the Period

Screenwriter Julian Fellowes is the singular voice behind the lush PBS series Downton Abbey. His philosophy is grounded in something less extravagant: believing in yourself as a writer.

David Simon: Reality Writing

David Simon talks about developing scripts, creating dialogue and why you should look for the bigger meaning in your writing.