A blank space to write represented by a white desk and a blank white wall

Claiming space for your writing life

You don’t just need a room of one’s own; you need to make room for your writing.

Why all writers should read poetry

Maybe you hate poetry. Or maybe you just haven’t found the right poem yet.

Blog notes: Zach and Clay & TheBittenWord.com

Seasoned food bloggers talk about writing partnerships, snagging freelance assignments and making roast chicken sound interesting in a dozen posts.

Pop culture and circumstance

Do references to Left Shark help or hurt your fiction?

July 1987: Lowry’s guide to memory

“Memory, we should bear in mind, is a subjective thing,” Lowry tells readers in the July 1987 issue of The Writer.

For poets, by poets

Celebrate National Poetry Month with inspiration from master poets.

See you at AWP15!

AWP15! Meet our editors, grab free goodies, get a special attendee-only subscription rate and enter our mini-contest.

At the sentence level

Slow down! Crafting sentences in your head might help you get them right on the page.