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atmosphere photo -- a haunted house and writing horror.


On setting in horror.

Revising the rules

My 10 personal rules for revision.


Why any time spent with the page is time well spent.

Two illustrated people water and tend to a garden of the mind.


One writer’s hunt for grace on the page.

An illustrated woman holds her hands up to her face to block out distractions and focus

Resistance training

Facing – and embracing – our fear of the blank page.

A lightbulb is illuminated behind an illustrated typewriter, symbolizing a bright idea found while writing.

Celebrating 135 years of good writing

Timeless craft tips from our archives, featuring Margaret Atwood, Walter Mosley, Isabel Allende, Ursula K. Le Guin, and more.


Where will your cravings take you this fall?

On finding confidence as a new writer

In what other endeavor in life are we so preoccupied with whether something is “good” right out of the gate?

Food-themed writing prompts for the holidays

The odds are lower that folks will be heading to Pennsylvania for some homemade pumpkin pie this holiday season. Maybe writing about food memories will help assuage the hunger pains?

Photo courtesy AWP (

How to survive & thrive at AWP

Presenting our favorite tried-and-true tips for AWP newcomers.

Heidi Pitlor: Page turner

Author/editor Heidi Pitlor knows how to get inside a character’s – and a reader’s – head.

Caroline Leavitt: Portrait of a modern novelist

Best-selling author Caroline Leavitt has had both towering highs and staggering lows in her long career. Here’s what she’s learned after 11 novels and several decades in the industry.

How Caroline Leavitt writes a novel

This New York Times best-selling author walks us through her process for crafting her mega-popular novels.

Louis Sachar interview: Youth sayer

Children’s author Louis Sachar doesn’t just write for kids: He writes for real people with real problems.

Word key: SEO tips

How seriously should you take SEO keywords?

Kelly Gardiner and “Goddess”

“I heard that voice, crystal clear in my mind, even before I started writing. Weird.”

Mary Karr interview: Boss of memoir

She didn’t create the form, but Mary Karr has a lot to say about the art of telling your own story.

Mary Karr on “Lit”

This first-class memoirist dissects the first words of the prologue in her third memoir.

Blog notes: Zach and Clay &

Seasoned food bloggers talk about writing partnerships, snagging freelance assignments and making roast chicken sound interesting in a dozen posts.

At the sentence level

Slow down! Crafting sentences in your head might help you get them right on the page.