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A bookseller’s education, concluded

Ten years after the iconic bookstore chain Borders closed its doors for good, one bookseller looks back at how his time spent there ultimately helped his career – and his self-worth.

Freelance Success: An ode to the glue gigs

The bylines in high-profile pubs are nice, but savvy freelance writers owe their careers to sturdy, dependable work that may escape the masses.

Fighting for freelancing
Rouse and Fable/Shutterstock, r.classen/Shutterstock

Freelance Success: Fighting for freelancing

The battle against legislation that would jeopardize freelance writers’ careers is not over.

A veteran writer shares his top lessons for freelance writers.

Lessons for freelance writers

Here’s what this veteran freelancer learned after offering to help other writers with their careers.

Pat Jordan
Pat Jordan. Photo by Index-Journal, Greenwood, S.C.

An interview with Pat Jordan

The legendary magazine writer and A False Spring author has written for himself since 1970 – and he’s having more fun than ever.

Money Matters
Freelancers should always ask for more money. Photo by Ronnie21/Shutterstock

Why freelancers should ask for more money

Money matters. Make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve.

Freelance writing 101
Follow the lessons in this article to find success freelance writing. Image by Ilyafs/Shutterstock

Freelance Writing 101

New to writing for hire? Take this hard-earned advice and run with it.

An illustrated woman holds her hands up to her face to block out distractions and focus

Focus on your own writing career

Ditching your career timetable and ignoring others’ accomplishments is hard – but absolutely essential to your sanity.

Dreading mistakes
All writers dread making mistakes in print.

How to cope with making mistakes

Every writer’s worst nightmare is finding an error in print…but it happens, often, and to the very best of us. Here’s how to cope.

College Graduation
Pete Croatto offers advice to recent college graduates looking to start a writing career.

From college graduation to freelance writing

For the new college graduate, freelancing is a wonderful option to start writing. But you’ve got to think beyond the classroom.