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Unconventional Query
Sometimes breaking the rules can get your query letter read. Image by Eny Setiyowati

The unconventional query

Add to FavoritesWhether you want to sell a magazine article, business book, or pretty much anything between, the formula is simple: 1) Send query letter. … Read More “The unconventional query”

Suspenseful Fiction
Learn pro tips to writing suspenseful fiction.

The art of suspenseful fiction

Keep readers on the edge of their seats with these eight pro tips.

Supercharge your creativity

Tips to supercharge your creativity

Writers share their best advice for breaking writer’s block, overcoming deadline pressure, and brainstorming new ideas.

Virgil Suárez: Reinventing a writer

The poet speaks about craft, career, and perseverance – and why politicians should be required to read poetry and bake bread at least once a year.


Book reviewing for beginners

Four reasons why you should do it – and six tips on how to do it well.

Person looking at self.
Person looking at self. Image by jesdaphorn/Shutterstock

Quiz: Am I A Writer?

Do you have what it takes to be a writer today? Take this quiz and see if you’re committed to the world of words.

writing coaching

Should I hire a writing coach?

Writing coaches can boost and bolster a career. Here’s how to choose one.

writing income

8 steps toward a six-figure freelance writing income

Here’s what $100,000-per-year freelance writers don’t want you to know: none of them – save perhaps one! – is probably that much of a better writer than you.