Cai Emmons
Cai Emmons

The Nightstand: Cai Emmons

We asked writer and author Cai Emmons to list her favorite authors who self-described as chronically disabled or chronically ill.

Putsata Reang
Putsata Reang (Photo by Kim Oanh Nguyen)

Talk to the Practitioner: Putsata Reang

Catching up with the journalist about her memoir, the weight of representation and her writing process

Sunisa Manning

Talk to the Practitioner: Sunisa Manning

Sunisa Manning’s debut novel, A Good True Thai, is a sweeping book that takes us through portions of Thailand’s history that much of the English-speaking world does not know.

The Nightstand: Jen Soriano

We asked essayist and communications strategist Jen Soriano to choose five must-read works by Southeast Asian writers.

A headshot of Catalleya Storm

Talk to the Practitioner: Catalleya Storm

Catalleya Storm is a writer and activist. I found them through a website called Hearing Like Me, a lifestyle web site for deaf and hard-of-hearing (HOH) individuals, where they pen articles about culture, and that led me to Storm’s YouTube feed, where they posted regular videos about writing and activism.

Outside, Ava Homa smiles and holds up her book, Daughters of Smoke and Fire, which has a bold red cover and yellow lettering.

The Nightstand: Recommended reading from Ava Homa

The Kurdish writer Ava Homa is the author of Daughters of Smoke and Fire (Overlook/Abrams, 2020), a novel about a Kurdish girl’s creative and literal coming of age amidst oppression and statelessness. We asked her to recommend five works from Middle Eastern writers.

Talk to the Practitioner: Elissa Washuta

In this month’s Broadening the Bookshelves interview, we sat down with author Elissa Washuta to talk about her craft and the process of publishing into a world that doesn’t always know what to do with you.

The Nightstand: Recommended reading from Daniel Olivas

Daniel Olivas is an attorney and writer based out of Los Angeles. He’s interviewed dozens of Latinx writers over the years and reviewed their books, so we asked him to put together a list of six essential reads that he thought would contribute to any reader’s understanding of – and enjoyment of – Mexican culture.

Talk to the Practitioner: Myriam Gurba

In our first installment of our brand-new “Beyond the Bookshelves” column, we spoke to author and educator Myriam Gurba about titles, code-meshing, and much, much more.

Book reading
Follow this advice to have a successful book reading. Photo by ISOVECTOR/Shutterstock

From the front lines: Readying your book reading

Boring readings don’t sell books. Here’s how to make the crowd hang on your every word.

Tree of Black Humor
From the low hanging fruit to highly desirable fruit, learn how to integrate black humor effectively. Image by Amili/Shutterstock

The Tree of Black Humor

A handy reference chart for the many forms of dark comedy.

Boring characters and how to fix them.
Photo by Piyapong89/Shutterstock

How to Fix Your Boring Characters

Dull, flat characters make for boring narratives: here’s how to fix them and prevent your story from flatlining.

Writers Conference
Follow these rules for a successful writers conference.

Cardinal rules of a writers’ conference

Three must-follow guidelines to ensure a successful writing conference.

Perfect Titles
Use this advice to create the perfect title for your writing. Image by cosmaa/Shutterstock

Finding the perfect title for your work

Titles introduce your work to readers. Here’s how to give them the meaty role they deserve.

Sharpen fuzzy prose
Looking through this stone helped Yi Shun Lai realize the value of sharpening fuzzy prose.

The secret to sharpening your fuzzy prose

Finding a rock on the beach reminds one editor of the importance of specificity and how it raises the emotional stakes.

The editor, the excavator

Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see what your story is REALLY about. 

Kill book sales with kindness

Promoting your novel doesn’t have to be a soulless affair. This debut author hit the best-seller list with gratitude, generosity, and plenty of engagement.