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A toast to our favorite posts of 2018

Writers, editors, and designers share their all-time favorites of 2018.

A toast to our favorite posts of 2018
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Yesterday, we counted down the most popular posts of the year; today, we’re highlighting the stories that made our editorial hearts beat just a little bit faster. Our intention is less to “play favorites” and more to shine a spotlight on the stories that didn’t get as many clicks and shares as our most popular posts, but have a wealth to offer in their own right.

So we asked our staff members and contributing writers: What were your favorite articles of 2018?


The 33 the-ses

I have read and re-read this a dozen times since June. I remember when I first opened it, it took me about 3 blurbs till I really got into it – and then I was just so invested in the twists and turns. One of those things that make you marvel at the cleverness and really appreciate words. —Toni Fitzgerald, copyeditor



How to make your book cover design stand out on the shelf

This article was filled with practical advice for authors regarding the design of their book covers. Good writing is the most important part of a book (obviously), but I liked how the article highlighted a different aspect of what can make a book stand out and be successful. As a graphic designer myself, I’m particularly aware of book covers I see (online or in bookstores) and I’m often persuaded to pick a book off the shelf strictly because of the strong cover design. It was fun reading about this topic from a writer’s perspective. —Jaron Cote, graphic designer


Quiz: Am I a writer?

I enjoyed reading and responding to the questions and answers Ryan G. Van Cleave created for the quiz. It was very cleverly done! (And for those wondering, I tallied 2,340 points.) —Anthony Buzzeo, content marketing editor




Innovative ways to help other writers (and help yourself too)

I really liked Kerrie Flanagan’s article from the August 2018 issue. It’s a long, rich, incredibly useful piece on the concept of literary citizenship – that is, helping to amplify the voices of the writers around you. I admired the wealth of resources she offered– everything from how and why to participate in a 5 AM Twitter writing chat to how to start a local writers’ community of one’s own. There’s a terrific sidebar with advice on all the specific ways we can support the members of our critique group, or our MFA classmates, or other gatherings of writers. This article feels like a must-read to me, for both the information and the spirit of generosity that informs it. —Melissa Hart, contributing editor



I love the “Markets” section. As a freelancer, it’s always helpful and interesting to see what’s out there in terms of pitching and submitting work. I  look forward to seeing what’s going to be included, and appreciate having it categorized and easily accessible in one place. “Markets” is the first thing I turn to each in each issue. —Allison Futterman, columnist




It’s never too late to pursue your passion

We published a lot of tremendous essays this year, but this one sticks out in my mind for its honesty and relatability. Anna entered this piece in our “Your Writing Life” contest, and though it didn’t win the grand prize, I knew I couldn’t let it go without publishing it. The result is Anna’s very first piece in print – and my very favorite essay of the year.  —Nicki Porter, senior editor



Graphic nonfiction books are on the rise

I had never heard of graphic nonfiction before and appreciated learning about the up-and-coming genre. —Anthony Buzzeo, content marketing editor




The lords and ladies of LOL

One of my favorite articles to read (and design) from 2018 was “The lords and ladies of LOL” by Keysha Whitaker. It was packed with insight into the editors behind some of the greatest humor outlets for writers. I enjoyed reading about the different backgrounds and career paths each editor had that led them to where they are today. It was interesting to read how they got to where they are and how their passion for humor developed. —Jaron Cote, graphic designer


Is your favorite article not on the list? Share your own personal favorites on Twitter using the hashtag #TheWriterTop10.