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The most anticipated nonfiction books releasing in early 2019

These much-buzzed books cover everything from living with obesity in America to the unexpected consequences of modern DNA testing.

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The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America by Tommy Tomlinson (Jan. 15)

Tommy Tomlinson, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a longtime journalist, writes of his yearlong journey to lose some of his 460 pounds in this new memoir from Simon & Schuster. “The average American male weighs 195 pounds; I’m two of those guys, with a ten-year-old left over. I’m the biggest human being most people who know me have ever met, or ever will,” Tomlinson writes.


Author Curtis Sittenfeld called it “unputdownable,” while Kirkus calls it “an authentic look at a struggle that millions of Americans face every day.” (Subscribers to The Writer can look forward to an interview with Tomlinson in our upcoming March 2019 issue, along with an excerpt from The Elephant in the Room in the digital edition.)

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