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5 of the best food memoirs by chefs to read this fall

Love food? Love nonfiction? Then you'll devour these top picks written by veterans of the restaurant industry.


Some great chefs are also great businesspeople, or great innovators, or great on camera. But every now and then a chef comes along who’s also a great writerThese top five food memoirs written by chefs will leave you hungry for both their food AND their words.


Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang

Before ABC struck sitcom gold with Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie Huang was busy running his NYC restaurant, Baohaus, and writing a memoir that would ultimately inspire ABC’s hit show. The book took the culinary world by surprise: Chef-written books are a dime-a-dozen, but Huang’s memoir was raw, fresh, and wildly multi-dimensional. Perhaps all that needs to be said about it is this praise from original bad-boy-chef-turned-writer, Anthony Bourdain: “Mercilessly funny and provocative, Fresh Off the Boat is also a serious piece of work. Eddie Huang is hunting nothing less than Big Game here.”

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