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Craft talk: 5 (more) under 35

5 more young writers putting their mark on the writing world.


In honor of the National Book Foundation “5 Under 35” honorees, here are “5 From TW Archives” – young writers whose craft engages the literary world.


mk asante buck 350



MK Asante

Book: Buck

Age: 33

Inspiration: “I’ve always known that I had a story to tell about my education. I don’t mean school. I mean my coming of age.”

On writing: “When I think of my memoir, I ask, what are the different layers that will help create an experience? I want you to be immersed in my world. The key is weaving those layers together.”







hannah moskowitz



Hannah Moskowitz


Book: Break

Age: 24

Inspiration: “I like to look at situations and think, ‘What is the predictable response?’ and then I do the opposite.”

On writing: “I write the first draft straight through, sometimes in just a few days. In the first draft, I try not to change where I’m going, and I really like to play with my characters.”





phil klay redeployment 350




Phil Klay

Book: Redeployment

Age: 32

Inspiration: “My writing feels deeply personal and vital to me, but precisely because of that, it doesn’t feel like it has to be the precious expression of a beautiful soul. It just has to be good.”

On writing: “I’m not wise enough to find my own blind spots, but I don’t have to be. I have smart readers and friends, people who help me figure out what it is I’m trying to say, or why what I’m trying to say is misguided.”






flynn meaney



Flynn Meaney

Book: The Boy Recession


Inspiration: “When I was in high school and college, I used lots of tongue-twister alliteration and repeated sounds. It was fun to play with language, but it wasn’t always good writing.”

On writing: “Even a character who’s supposed to be incredibly sexy should have flaws. Even a tragic scene should have those weird moments of humor or joy. Those little details are the rich part of your writing.”







sarah treem layout 350




Sarah Treem

TV show: The Affair

Age: 34

Inspiration: “We don’t talk about the differences in the way men and women are perceived. So I started writing about it.”

On writing: “I learned to trust the characters – to let them speak for themselves – and that you don’t have to rely on pyrotechnics to advance plot. You just need desire and despair.”


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