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5 key things we learned at Digital Book World 2019

New trends in audiobooks, voice recognition, interactive storytelling, and more.


Books + movies = “boovies”

Eleanor Long and Trevor Young, cofounders of Tapocketa Studio, shared their award-winning work with interactive storytelling in digital mediums. The pair created Galdo’s Gift, an interactive storybook, or “boovie,” that combines written storytelling with moving animation, and took home four Digital Book Awards in 2018 for their work, including Best Overall Book.

Galdo’s Gift contains beautiful illustrations that are designed to look like fanciful papercraft; though the book is animated and entirely digital, it still maintains a very tactile, booklike feel. Users are addressed by name throughout the story, while pop-up definitions help younger readers sort out the tougher words on the page. It’s really a lovely book that pays homage to fairy-tale storytelling while also modernizing it for a more tech-savvy audience. Watch the trailer for Galdo’s Gift here.

Tapocketa is currently at work on a new interactive storytelling project called The Locksmith, a “book of puzzles” inspired by 19th-century psychology. Watch the trailer here.


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