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Top 10 Halloween writing prompts to get your blood flowing

Jeepers creepers, these prompts are keepers.

Once upon a midnight dreary, you found inspiration growing weary. Never fear(y): These Halloween writing prompts are here to rescue you from the haunted crypt of writing block. They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, and they’ll have you back to penning spine-chilling tales in no time.


Need help with setting?

An abandoned building makes a good setting for a Halloween writing prompt

Try this prompt on for size: Nobody’s home


Need higher stakes for your story?

Power struggle

This entire prompt is built around two characters trying desperately to get what they need – which is exactly the opposite of what the other character wants: The gatekeeper vs. the gatecrasher

Need a memory-jogger for creative nonfiction?

Dress up Halloween writing prompt

Talk a walk down memory lane: Dress up

Need a change of scenery for your protagonist?

graveyard Halloween writing prompt

Try placing them in a cemetery: Graveyard shift

Need an open-ended freewrite?

creepy clown writing prompt


Try sorting out this clown’s secret: Clowning around


Need a killer starting place for fiction or poetry?

Halloween writing prompt: Six feet under

Start solving this mystery: Six feet under

Need to spark a new story idea?

creepy writing prompt

See where this tunnel takes you: Tunnel vision

Need something more outside-the-box on Halloween?

Zombie christmas

Try writing a spooky take on the holidays: A very merry zombie Christmas

Need a prompt with more of a YA bent?

Mischief night Halloween writing prompt

Imagine the trouble your teen protagonists will find on Mischief Night: Tricks and treats

Need something a little less spooktacular?

undead love

No one says Halloween has to be all tricks and no treats: Loved to death

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