Craft Book Spotlight – What Editors Do

Are you thinking about becoming a book editor? Or are you just curious about the mythical gatekeepers of the publishing industry? This book is for you.

What Editors Do

What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing

Edited by Peter Ginna

As writers, we know how important book editors are; we know our manuscript will eventually need one if we intend to see it traditionally published. Book editors are usually listed right behind an author’s spouse, parents, or God on acknowledgment pages – sometimes even before.

But what do book editors really do?

That’s the question Peter Ginna attempts to answer in this anthology, which features essays from 27 different publishing professionals. The book tackles both the editing process as a whole (“from proposal to book”) and in-depth analyses of editing niches: Literary fiction, genre fiction, academic nonfiction, freelancing, line editing, and more.

“These honest and unflinching accounts from publishing insiders are a valuable primer on the field at a time where the value of editors and publishers has been increasingly questioned,” writes Publishers Weekly. In a starred review, Library Journal calls it “a vital resource for writers and readers seeking a comprehensive exploration into the author-editor relationship, the lifecycle of a book, and how editors for publishing houses big and small have adapted to an industry in constant flux.”

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