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2016 New Wrinkle Publishing Writers Contest


Monday, November 28, 2016


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Entry Fees

No Entry Fees. Completely Free.


Complete Publishing Package Including:
-Book Soundtrack Composed by Jared Kraft with Digital Distribution
-Coordinating Album Cover Design by Abigail Kraft
-Illustrations for book by Abigail Kraft
-Professional Editing Provided by HG Editing
-Cover Design and Interior Layout Provided by The Book Designers
-Publishing Package (non-contact) by New Wrinkle Publishing
-Art Print from Book
-New Wrinkle Publishing Contest Winner Tee


Over the years, storytelling has taken many forms. The written word, music and visual art each tell a story in a unique way, but film has taught us that sometimes the combination is magic.

New Wrinkle Publishing was created to bring an intriguing idea to life. Why not give a book the same treatment as a film and add a soundtrack? Building on that idea, we created our first book, Ingrid – a novel with a lush, cinematic soundtrack, and illustrations to complete the experience.

Immersing yourself in a three-fold story is incredible, and the process of developing a story in this way is thrilling. It’s something we hope all writers will eventually have the opportunity to experience. So, we want to extend that opportunity to YOU.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your novel inspire illustrations, or even music?

If you have written a novel (or are currently writing one), we invite you to submit your short synopsis in our writing contest.

We want to give you the chance to have YOUR book Published, with Illustrations and a Book Soundtrack – because that’s what we do! And don’t worry … you won’t pay a dime – it’s all on us! – but you will retain all rights to your book and earn all royalties.

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