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Animaux fabuleux / Amazing Beasts


Monday, June 1, 2020



They are mankind’s companions, allies, prey or they are mere savage beasts. Some are our mirror, others represent absolute otherness. There are those we know because they live in our world : horses, proud steeds or pack animals, dogs, loyal companions, and wolves, their more ominous cousins, independent cats, neither completely tamed nor completely wild,… Others belong to the worlds of myth and dream: dragons that spit fire, unicorns, symbols of purity, phoenix that are re-born from their ashes, griffons and chimeras…

For its 9th issue, along with the publication of the proceedings of the symposium “Représentations animales dans les mondes imaginaires”, Fantasy Art and Studies invites you to submit your best Fantasy short stories dealing with amazing beasts.

Your story (30 000 characters max., spaces included, in English or French) is to be sent in .doc format, Times New Roman 12, single-line spacing by June 1st 2020 at [email protected]

Illustrators, please get in touch if you want to take part in this issue.

Contact Information

[email protected]


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