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Saturday, April 10, 2021


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Publication as a broadside.


WANTED: Ekphrastic Responses to Meghan Keane’s painting
DEADLINE: April 10, 2021

Broadsided Press is seeking submissions of poetry and short prose that respond to a painting by Broadsided artist Meghan Keane.

 We are looking for short, evocative work that engages the art we’ve offered not as illustration but as inspiration.  Because the final selection will be published as a broadside, with art and writing resonating alongside one another, we invite writers to be free with their responses.  No need to describe anything other than that which moves you.

The winner will be “Broadsided” on May 1. 

What is The Switcheroo?  Every spring, we like to turn the tables and invite writers to respond to art we post, rather than asking artists to respond to writing we’ve chosen.

Broadsided artists were invited to submit up to three pieces of work for the Switcheroo. We then asked Janice Redman, the 2020 Switcheroo artist, to choose one piece of art she thought would be generative for writers and would work in Broadsided’s unique format.

Of her decision, Redman had this to say: “I was drawn to the mountainous range of the shiny, tightly-pulled hair over the perforated rollers with sharp grips holding everything in place, the intimacy and the physicality of it, the early childhood memory of my own mother sitting there, the strange otherworldness of these alien, plastic, spiky things forced in place, precariously held by the grips, pushing along the scalp… visceral memory and curiosity pulled at me.There is a story here, a moment revealed—intimate, private.  Or maybe the opposite, public, open, social.  But whichever way, a moment caught, a ritual performed.”–Janice Redman

Poems should be UNDER 20 lines.  Prose should be UNDER 300 words.  Entries should be sent via Submittable. Further guidelines can be found there.

Contact Information

Broadsided Press: [email protected]


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