Chanticleer Book Review Blue Ribbon Awards


Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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Entry Fees



First Place Category award winners will compete for the Overall Best Book CBR Grand Prize of a $1,000 and 1st Place Genre Awards for $250.
Award winning books will have the opportunity to be placed on the Chanticleer Book Shelves (which sell and promote the winning titles). Our CBR Book Shelves are located in participating Independent Book Stores across the U.S.
A Chanticleer Book Review
A CBR Blue Ribbon embossed with the Contest Name, Author Name, and Book Title to use in promotion at book signings and book festivals
Digital award stickers for on-line promotion
Adhesive book stickers
Shelf-talkers and other promotional items
Promotion in print and on-line media
Review of book distributed to on-line sites and printed media publications
Review, cover art, and author synopsis listed in CBR’s newsletter


The Chanticleer Book Review (CBR) is looking for published novels and unpublished manuscripts in the following categories:

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction (deadline Jan. 31)
  • Narrative Nonfiction (deadline Feb. 28)
  • Cozy Mystery (deadline March 31)
  • Young Adult (deadline April 30)
  • Romance (deadline May 31)
  • Historical Fiction (deadline June 30)
  • Western, Pioneer, Civil War Historical Fiction, Pre-1900s (deadline July 31)
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense (deadline Sept. 30)
  • Paranormal/Speculative Fiction (deadline Oct. 31)

Stories will be judged based on effective use of characterization, an intriguing opening, continuity, a unique story, writing craft, professionalism of editing and formatting throughout the piece, and a satisfying (not necessarily happy) ending. No erotica or graphic violence, please.

Novels may be self-published, indie published or traditionally published. E-pub novels with ISBN or ASIN designations will be accepted in the published division. All novels must have an ISBN or ASIN designation. Entries must be in the English language (please note if British Standard English –BSE – is used instead of ASE). Novels must be 30,000 plus words.

Accepts work in two divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts.

Contact Information

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