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Creative Writing Competition


Tuesday, May 31, 2016




$250 first prize and two $25 runners up prizes. Also, and annual $1000 grand Prize.


We want our news to be extremely provocative but still professional. If you write for a hobby or are writing continually for college this is perfect for you. Every submitted article that is presentable will be published on-line. This will mean proper grammar, spelling and written not in fact but as a news article.

We would like to invite every writer to write for the site but only one can be the best. The top 3 articles will be awarded weekly with the 3rd and 2nd best paid $25.00 as a runner up. The best article will be paid $250.00 prize. The best of the year will get $1,000.00. (Awarded in January 1st)!!! They all will be judged based on blog responses (Likes). Get your colleagues to review and vote! 50% will be awarded by volume, 25% will be by emotion and 25% by editors choice. If there are less than 3 entries daily the awards will go to monthly until there is enough writers. So get your friends and colleagues to write!

The news to be written about will be an alternative view, challenging the government, other media outlets and more. The three areas of concern will be Health, News and Alternative Style “AS”. AS will be a direct response to articles derived by misinformation or ulterior motives rendering them UN-true. There must be proof of your adversarial position and the rebutted article will be listed at the bottom of your article for people to visit and rebut. The best article from the prior week will be a front page on the next weeks listings.

You must apply for this job and be accepted to be in the competition. If you apply and are accepted, you must submit work by the required date. You will be notified on what date your article will be listed and the website it will be on. When you apply indicate the topic you want to write under we can accept only 33 people under each topic so please register immediately. We are having a great response. Your article MUST be between 500 and no more than 1000 words.

Everyone who applies agrees that the final choice is ours and there cannot be ANY challenges to the decision of your ad placement. The better ads will be listed higher. Please understand that we may request you to write under a different category if we have too many people in the same category unto which you request.

Contact Information

Jocelyn Taylor
[email protected]

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