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Daisy Pettles Women Writers Writing Contest


Saturday, February 15, 2020


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Entry Fees

$45 entry fee.
Possible hardship waiver must be pre-approved.


Grand Prizes - $1,000 cash, plus month-long, free residency in the Daisy Pettles' Writer's House in Bedford, IN. First runner-up - $250, certificate, plus residency if grand prize winners are unable to accept. Second runner-up $100, certificate.

There will be two awards made - June 2020 and July 2020.


The Daisy Pettles Women Writers Writing Contest is open to women writers, age 40+, published or unpublished. Fiction or Non-Fiction writing projects are eligible. Poetry is excluded.
Women writers make 89 cents on the dollar compared to men. They also often dedicate long stretches of their life to care taking others, often foregoing their writing passions and careers for decades. Women get published less often; their books sell for less; and their books are much less likely to be reviewed by the authorities that control publishing awards. This makes us sad. We are women, and we would like to help support women, who too often write against the odds when it comes to recognition, financial support, and the demands society makes on our time.

Contact Information

Contact Cindy, Outreach Coordinator, for further information.


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