Dare to be Fabulous is accepting submissions for upcoming book


Friday, March 31, 2017


Entry Fees

There is no entry fee


This book of personal stories provides the opportunity to be among a wonderful roster of contributors, both famous and otherwise. Please note that contributors will not receive payment for their stories. Each contributor will receive a free copy of the book after it is published, and the opportunity to purchase books at a discount. Contributors will also be invited to participate in book readings and media interviews.

Each featured story in the book will include a blurb about the author. This blurb may also include a pertinent website for more information.


Dare to be Fabulous features women’s personal stories of daring, joy, and empowerment. The stories are all true and written in the first person. Personal story contributors range from groundbreaking and famous women all the way to one who chose to remain Anonymous.

Please review the website’s About page, Stories and Blog to become familiar with the theme before submitting your own DTBF story for consideration. A caveat is that no living being was intentionally hurt either physically or emotionally by your actions. After all, fabulous women would never let that happen!

Contact Information

Please follow the Submission Guidelines on the website, linked here.



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