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First Literary contest in Spanish Blue Frog Group


Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Entry Fees

No fees


Prizes: First prize $600 USD
Second prize $400 USD
Editing and publication of the work on our website
Honor ribbon on the cover page
A Booked Space into our Hall of Fame


Gender: Open Topic Novel

Blue Frog Group LLC is encouraging the creation of writers through the publishing of Spanish-speaking authors who are residents in the United States, which will achieve convene, meet and begin the process of a new generation of writers in the country.

All writers aged 18 or older residents of the United States may participate, submitting their original works in Spanish, which have not been awarded in other contests, have pending deliberations or have committed their copyright with third party. For this purpose along with the e-mail where the work is attached the participant should send a statement specifying such. See the statement in

The extent of the works shall not be less than fifty pages in A4 format, in font Times New Roman 12 point, double spaced and should be written in Castilian. Authors may submit up to 5 works by competition.

After submitting the work, Blue Frog Group will publish it on its website, to give the public the option to make comments, but the final decision of the first and second place will be determined by the jury of Blue Frog Group.

Blue Frog Group LLC reserves the right to publish the sent novels when deemed of sufficient quality and don’t be of discriminatory or offensive nature. The presentation of the novels to this event involves the transfer exclusively to Blue Frog Group LLC of all rights of exploitation of the work. Including among others the graphic reproduction by any mechanical, electronic, photocopying, digital or otherwise, in any format and distribution channel system, by sale, lease, loan or otherwise; public communication and audiovisual projection, stage performance, radio broadcast merger, optical transmission, wired or wireless camera, telematics, digital or on-line systems, incorporating a database, or by any other system; transformation, including translation into different languages, and adaptation to audiovisual work, or other derivative; and all forms of exploitation and dissemination means known in the time of award of the prize, in all countries and languages of the world, and throughout the lifetime of the Intellectual Property. Blue Frog Group LLC may enter into with third parties, the agreements that are precise to enable optimal exploitation in various forms in both the U.S. and abroad or directly perform the operation itself.

Each author agrees to sign any documents necessary to grant the rights to Blue Frog Group on its work, to be listed in the Registry of Intellectual Property and any other national, foreign or international public records.

Blue Frog Group LLC will notify the two winning works through its website and Facebook during the two week period following the end of failure and will pay the awards through Paypal during the month of March 2015. The decision is final and the prize will be awarded to the mentioned winner.

The authors of the winning novels may send a short biography with a photo to be published in the Hall of Fame of our website, unless the author notify the opposite in the e-mail sent with the novel to the competition. In the same e-mail the author should indicate how to appear as author / book in case of wanting to use a pen name. If none is specified, we will always opt for the full name.

Blue Frog Group LLC will not keep any correspondence with the participants to the “First Literary Competition in Spanish Blue Frog Group” and will not provide any information on the classification of the novels or development of competition during the course of it. The admission of works closes on the 31th December 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time.

The novels should be sent to [email protected] writing on the subject: ” First Literary Contest in Spanish Blue Frog Group” plus the Novel Title, and the cover must contain all the author information. Name, last name, phone number (including area code), e-mail, address, (#, street, city, state, zip), date of birth.
For more detail see Rules & Privacy at:

Contact Information

Calling Entity: Blue Frog Group LLC
[email protected]
Country of convener: United States
Closing Date (to receive works): 12/31/2014


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