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Friday, July 9, 2021


Entry Fees

No entry fees.


An international diploma by the Iberoamerican Society of Poets, Writers and Artists, 40 U.S dollars and your poetry is going to be published by an international magazine.


The Ecuadorian writer Fausto Padilla Morales, director of the Literary Magazine “Vestigios de la Lira”, seeing the success of the last contest in which we had more than 600 participants from all the countries of the world, decided to continue this cultural initiative with the present contest.

• Anyone, regardless of age, sex, nationality, country, etc, can participate in our contest.
• There are 3 modalities:
-Written poetry.
-Visual poetry.
-Video poetry.

Your works will meet the following requirements:
They can present any topic you desire to express.
They can be written in any language.
They may be or may not be unpublished, not being a necessary requirement. Nevertheless, the works presented must be of your own authorship.
You can send as many files as you wish.

Written poetry:
Create a poem of any topic, only consider that the maximum length is 40 verses.
Texts must be in Arial 12, with 1.5 point spacing and Normal margins.
All written poetry must be sent in PDF format.

Visual poetry:
The creativity of each author to create his work, either with the text or an illustration, will be a fundamental criteria.
How you create your art here is completely open to the imagination. However, the image must be in JPG format, not surpassing the dimensions of 2048 × 1152 pixels, please.

Video poetry:
Feel totally free in how you make your video in terms of literary creativity. But, also, try to take advantage of the resources offered by audiovisual editing, being these two the fundamentals criterias at this category.
In technical terms, videos must be in an MP4 format file that does not exceed the duration of 60 seconds. A transcription of your text must be sent in PDF, with the format discussed in previous sections.

• All the works will be sent to the email: [email protected]
• The email will have as subject: “For the II Contest Vestigios de la Lira” and the chosen modality.
File name format:
Written poetry: NAME OF YOUR WORK- PSEUDONYM.pdf
Visual poetry: NAME OF THE WORK- PSEUDONYM.jpg

• The content of the file in question will only contain your work, leaving the author’s information in another file called: NAME OF THE WORK- PSEUDONYM –DATA.
There you will include:

Title of the work:
Author’s Full Name:
Year of birth, city and country of residence:
Social networks of the author (if any):

• The authors will retain all their rights on their productions.
• If the participant is a minor, they must also send a PDF file where their legal representative authorizes, under oath, the participation of the minor in the contest. The name and identity card number or DNI of the guardian must be attached to the email.
• All the information implied above will be used only for purposes related to the contest, the personal data of the authors will be protected from the intervention of third parties.

The deadline for submission is July 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Any file sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
Three first places and four honorable mentions are established in Written Poetry.
Three first places and two honorable mentions are established in Visual Poetry.
First three places are established in Video Poetry.
The winners and honorable mentions will receive a diploma accredited by the Ibero-American Society of Poets, Writers and Artists (Ecuador Chapter), and the literary magazine “Vestigios de la Lira”.
Only the winners of the First Place in each of the three modalities will receive, by our Literary Magazine, forty US dollars ($ 40.00) minus the possible tax withholdings of each country, in addition to the official diploma.
The selected works will be published in our literary magazine, in the edition that has a tentative release date on August 21, 2021.

The number of members of the Jury will be odd and will be made up of illustrated people from the artistic and literary world. Their decisions will be unappealable and they may resolve by mutual agreement any questions that may arise during the development of their deliberations.
We will publish the list of winners on August 7, 2021 in a great live event that we will bring online. To get the news around this, we recommend to follow our pages:

In compliance with the provisions of current legislation on data protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 (RGPD), in Law 34/2002, of April 11, July, of Services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSICE) and other provisions dictated in its development, the data provided by the participant through the voluntary sending of personal data, will be the responsibility of the literary magazine “Vestigios de la Lira ”With the sole purpose of managing the call, developing and holding the contest, in accordance with the provisions of the same. This data processing is necessary and you expressly consent to the processing of personal data as participant, or where appropriate, as guardian / legal representative of the minor competitor. All files containing the data will be deleted once the contest is over.

Contact Information

For contact inquiries,
Here is our email:
[email protected]

We also have our page:


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