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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


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Entry Fees

A $5 reading fee will be required per submission to cover the the costs of source verification and fact-checking.




Since its founding in 2011, Journal of the Bizarre has become a respected and authoritative source on the paranormal and supernatural, thanks to unbiased and fact-based investigative reporting on psychic phenomena, cryptozoology, ufology and conspiracy theory.

In keeping with this tradition, Journal of the Bizarre has decided to offer an Editor’s Award for the best piece of investigative reporting on any topic dealing with the occult, paranormal or supernatural.

Eligibility and Criteria:

-No minimum or maximum word count

-All entries are subject to fact-checking and all sources must be cited. Submissions containing information that cannot be verified will be disqualified. Previously published work will not be considered.

-Winner of Editor’s Award will be chosen based on the originality and factual accuracy of the piece as well as writing style. Two runners-up will not receive a cash award, but will have their work prominently featured on Journal of the Bizarre, and will also have their work digitally promoted across our spectrum of social media platforms.

-Deadline is noon, EST, October 31, 2017. Winner will be notified by Nov. 7. via email, and the winning submissions will also be published on Journal of the Bizarre on Nov. 7. Social media updates will also be posted on our Twitter account.

Visit our website and click the ‘JOTB Editor’s Award’ tab at top of page to view full contest rules and submission guidelines.

Contact Information

Marlin Bressi, Editor-in-Chief ([email protected]), or Anna Newburg, Editor-at-Large ([email protected]).



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