Literative Endless Beautiful Contest


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


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Entry Fees



1st - $30 Amazon Gift Card
2nd - $15 Amazon Gift Card


Listen to the 15 minute sound clip provided at the link. As you listen, create something that is inspired by what you hear. It could be a story, a poem, or something entirely different! The beauty of this prompt is the potential for spontaneous expression. For examples, check out previous Endless Beautiful writing sessions.

You have 1000 words to use. Writers must create something that is related to the presented sounds in some way. Due to the nature of the prompt (writing while simultaneously listening) your entry does not need to be a completely polished product, however, please take the time to finish out your thoughts and clean up your grammar and typos.

Winners will be announced on the Literative blog on Oct 20, 2017. First place prize will be a featured post and a 30 dollar Amazon gift card. Second place will also have their entry featured and win a 15 dollar Amazon gift card.

To find out more about the Endless Beautiful team and how they got started, check out our recent interview on!

Contact Information

Lucas Pralle
[email protected]



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