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Premio internazionale di letteratura “Giovanni Bertacchi”


Tuesday, June 22, 2021


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Entry Fees

The participation is therefore free and open to everybody, including schools of all types and levels.


The awards ceremonies will occur according to the following schedule:
October 2021 (date and venue to be determined), in Sondrio: National section awards;
November 2021 (date and venue to be determined), in Rome: International section awards.
For the International section, 20 finalists will be selected—of whom 6 winners and 14 recipients of an
honorable mention. The names of the finalists will be disclosed three weeks before the awards
ceremony. The names of the winners will be disclosed during the awards ceremony.
Participants themselves are expected to inquire about any update and/or variation concerning the
contest and the results, via the website (“Albo d’oro” section); the
organizers disclaim any liability concerning the participants’ failing to do so, nor is any ad-personam
communication to be expected of them: under no circumstance can the organization staff or any member
of “Progetto Alfa” be held accountable for not personally reporting news concerning the contest.
All finalists are expected to collect the awards personally; while it is possible to appoint a delegate,
under no circumstance can such a person coincide with a member of the staff, or other winners and
accompanying persons thereof.
All finalists will receive a diploma; and a final Grand-Prize, chosen among national and international
winners, will be awarded.


The contest is held by the non-profit cultural organization“Progetto Alfa”, and aims at the promotion of the full artistic and expressive potential of whoever interested in participating—with no cultural or economic distinction whatsoever.
The participation is therefore free and open to everybody, including schools of all types and levels; to this end, the organizing & executive board involved the Regional School Office (USR) of Sondrio, and a committee of both Italian and international experts and professors in fields such as Poetry & Literary criticism, song- and lyricwriting, Philology, Publishing, Journalism, translation, Art & Archaeology, encyclopedia-writing, Philosophy—as well members from cultural institutions.

The International section of the contest consists of one category:
Free-poetry category—no specific writing theme assigned and no participation fee requested.
The foreign languages allowed are: French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Romanian,
Dutch, Mandarin, Turkish and Arabic.
The poems must be equipped with English, French, or Italian translation.
Each and every poem must be strictly original and unpublished until the day of submission—with no
previous publication nor any recognition at contests and competitions whatsoever. Should these rules
be not respected, or infringed in any way, the author will be irrevocably banned from the contest. Each
participant is to send one single text (whether in meter of free-verse) not exceeding 30 computer-typed
lines — file format: .pdf, .doc or .docx — font: Times New Roman.
The text cannot anyway exceed one single page.
Via e-mail applications. All applications must be sent to the email address:
in[email protected] , and contain the following files:
— 1 anonymous copy of the poem & its translation if needed (in accordance to rule 2);
— 1 copy of the poem & its translation if needed, plus another file containing all the following info:
Name; Date and place of birth; Nationality; e-mail address; a signature vouching for the authorship and
unpublished-ness of the poem, and authorizing the organization to publish text and personal info
(according to the Italian Data-protection Law) wherever and whenever deemed necessary. A short resume of the author may be attached.
The email subject line must be:
All applications must be sent no later than June 22nd 2021, 12:00 AM UTC+1.
The organizers decline responsibility for any possible email delay, misdelivery or other problems.
Under no circumstances will applications arriving past the deadline for submission be considered.
This application must be completely filled out, signed by the applicant or, if a minor, by a parent or
guardian. Entering the contest implies the unconditional acceptance of its clauses. The organizers
(singularly and as part of any branch of the organization) disclaim any liability and decline all
responsibility concerning possible contested authorship and/or content of the text, and any other
controversy whatsoever.
Through the present subscription, the organizers acquire the implicit and unconditional right to freely
publish all noteworthy poems, with no need to notify the authors, in newspaper and internet articles,
and all publications whatsoever—their names being always specified. Participants may use a pen name
/ pseudonym on condition that the participation form contain data duly corresponding to their real
identity—or else they would be banned from the contest.

All works will be evaluated according to the unquestionable judgment and absolute discretion of the
committee, thus divided: international-section committee, chaired by Marina Mattei; scientific
board, chaired by Antonio Muraca; and national committee.
The other members of the committee, one among whom appointed committee-secretary, will be
designated by the organizing & executive board of “Progetto Alfa”, and will be composed of experts,
professors, and culturally active people whose names will be published on the website, in the specific
section of the contest.
For the International section, the specific committee will influence the result for the 60% of the vote—the scientific board for the 40%. Winners of the national and international sections will compete for the
award of the Grand Prize; in this final voting, the result will be influenced 20% by the national committee, 20% by the international committee, and 60% by the scientific board.
The scientific board will be composed of the presidents of the National and International committees,
and well-known personalities in the contemporary literary scene.

According to the Italian law D.Lgs. 30.06.2003 n. 196 “Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali”
the treatment and processing of personal data aims exclusively at the organization and management
of the contest, including possible publications thereof.
Entering the competition implies the unconditional acceptance of all the aforesaid clauses, with the
implicit authorization to publish name, photograph, received prize, and winning poem of the competitors in newspaper and internet articles, social networks, television programs and other web pages. The participants’ disclosure of their names is mandatory, according to the Art. 20 del DPR n.19 del 8/01/1979.
The competitors are responsible for all entered poems and their being unpublished, original works,
of whose copyright they remain holders and beneficiaries. “Progetto Alfa” declines all responsibility for
any possible plagiarism and/or illegal act on the part of the participants—such offense being punishable
by the Italian special law 22 April 1941, n° 633 “Diritto d’autore”.
With the authorization to process personal data (in the case of underage participants provided by a
parent or legal guardian), it is ensured that all info will exclusively be used within the contest scope
according to the Italian law 675 del 31/12/96 e D.L. 196/03. The data controller/holder is “Associazione
Culturale progetto Alfa, via Maurizio Quadrio n.27, Sondrio”. According to the Italian law art. 7 del D.
Lgs. 196/2003, every participant has right to access personal data and/or have it deleted, or deny the
treatment by contacting the organizational secretariat.
Depending on possible and unquestionable decisions of the organization, due to any hindrance or for
reasons of force majeure (including all those concerning the COVID-19 containment measures and
guidelines currently in force and at the date of the awards ceremony), norms and contents of these
participation rules can undergo variations and/or cancellations.

Contact Information
MAIL: [email protected]


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