Quarter-Life Crisis


Friday, May 1, 2015



Entry Fees



First place: $150 and publication in anthology
Second place: $50 and publication in anthology
Third place: $25 and publication in anthology


Send us your energy and your ambition, your emotion and your edgiest prose. Your homesickness, your Hiraeth. We want characters who are indebted, who are Internet addicts, who work three jobs to support their art or who still live with their moms. We want characters of all genders, nationalities, sexualities, ideologies, creeds, experiences, histories. We want the strong and the weak, the self-aware and those who reject reality. We want writing that reflects what it really means to be young and let loose in 2015.

We’re celebrating the millennial—it’s time to proclaim who we are with our own damn voices.

The top 26 submissions will be chosen for publication in the Quarter-Life Crisis anthology (Winter 2016). From these stories, our guest judge, Meagan Brothers, will select the winners of the prizes.

Contact Information

[email protected]



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