Stary Writing Academy II


Saturday, July 31, 2021


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Entry Fees



-1st Prize: $50,000 + Get Hardcover Published.
-2nd Prize: $20,000
-3rd Prize: $10,000
-4th Prize: $5,000
-5th Prize: $6,000
-6th-10th Prize: $2,000
-11th-20th Prize: $1,000
-Advertising Campaigns for over 1 million audience.
-Full-time Writer Program
-Royalty program along with considerable bonus.


Stary is looking for adventure novels in four genres: Fantasy, Urban, Sci-fi, and Game. You can either submit your published works (If not contracted), rewrite some previous ideas, or create a new story to join this competition.

Work Required:
-In one of four genres: 1. Fantasy 2. Urban 3. Sci-fi 4. Game
-Above 3,000 words by entry
-Intended for a book contract

Work Desired:
-Above 60,000 words by the final competition
-Can be developed into series
-Web-fiction or Light Novel writing experience.

Contact Information

Visit to find out more.
For any question, please feel free to contact [email protected]


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