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The Cygnus Awards


Friday, April 30, 2021


Entry Fees



All First in Category Winning Titles will be go on to compete for the Cygnus Grand Prize of $250 cash!
The Cygnus Grand Prize Winner is named Chanticleer Reviews Best Science Fiction Book of the Year, and goes on to compete for the Chanticleer Overall Grand Prize Best Book of the Year
The Overall Grand Prize Winner is named Chanticleer Reviews Best Book of the Year, and awarded the $1000 prize
All Winners receive a Chanticleer Prize Package which includes a ribbon and a whole assortment of goodies detailed below (winners outside the US pay a shipping & handling fee)
Approximately more than $30,000.00 worth of cash and prizes! The Fine Print.

~$1,000 for one lucky Overall Grand Prize Winner

~ $250 for each one of the 16 CIBA Divisions (15 fiction & 5 Non-fiction) - That's a lot of cash!
~$28,980 in prizes, and promotional opportunities awarded to Category Winners


“The Cygnus Award Categories are:

Speculative Fiction
Soft Sci-Fi/Young Adult
Alternate History
Hard Science Fiction
Space Opera
A few words about the categories: Hard Science Fiction tends to be more “”technology”” based. Speculative fiction might be more concerned with different life forms or the inhabitants of the story have special powers. Some say that science fiction is a subset of speculative fiction… There are no clear or fast rules.

Hard Science Fiction tends to lean more towards the rules and laws of science — even within a story construct. Hard SciFi examples are The Expanse, The Martian, Interstellar.
An examples of Soft SciFiction are Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars (space operas).”

Contact Information

"By Email: [email protected]

By Mail:

1050 Larrabee Ave
Suite 104 #334
Bellingham, WA, 98225
United States"


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