To Burn the Cloth, essay contest


Monday, May 31, 2021


Entry Fees

$5.99 (The price of the e-book on amazon)




To Burn the Cloth Essay Contest
Every true novel is a complex weaving of storyline and underlying themes. To Burn the Cloth is a story for adults. While there are no age restrictions as to who enters this contest, it requires reading and understanding some very vulgar words and content.
In other words, there’s sex, drugs and whole bunch of foul language in this book. A certain level of maturity is recommended.

There are two different themes to choose to write about:
1. Reverend Franklin Catoe’s struggle between good and evil
2. What ideas from this fictional work be translated into real life scenarios

Contest Rules
• Email address is required to submit your essay
• Must have a mailing address in the United States (if you want to receive a prize)
• Essay must be between 500-2000 words covering one of the two themes above
• Entries must be submitted in English to
• All participants must submit a digital copy (scanned paper receipt/digital photo) of proof of purchase of To Burn the Cloth in any format (Hardback, paperback, ebook, or audiobook)

OR… If you borrowed a printed copy of To Burn the Cloth from a library, submit a digital photo of you in your underwear, holding a copy of the book while standing in front of the library that you borrowed it from. (kudos if it’s snowing)
• Only one (1) essay can be submitted per proof of purchase or photo in underwear in front of library sign.
• All submissions must be made through the website
• Contest entries must be submitted by May 31st , 2021. Winners announced by July 1st, 2021

$500 1st prize will be awarded to the top essay in each of the two themes!
That’s $1000 in prizes!!!
Winning essays will be released on the website when the winners are announced.

Contact Information

[email protected]



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