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WREN Radio Anthology


Thursday, April 30, 2015



Entry Fees

$5 per entry, Short Story/Prose or Poetry


2 winners in published author category, one winner for Short Story/Prose and one winner for Poetry. A marketing package arranged by WREN Radio.

11 more winners in each category for Published Authors, their prose or poetry will be published with their latest work promoted alongside their name on that same page. (24 winners total)

3 winners each in unpublished author category, First,Second and Third. The prizes are (at least) $150, $100, and $75 for each category (Prose or Poetry). Nine other people in each category will have their work published under an honorable mention.

All unpublished authors who complete the editing process will receive an entry in the anthology.


WREN Radio Anthology Contest

1. Age: 18 and older
2. Non-Refundable Entry fee – $5 (Five Dollars)
3. How to enter: Entrants must visit Creative Corners Gallery, Books & Gifts at 115 SE 6th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas for an email address and unique identifying code in order to enter the competition. No other Email, Phone, Fax or Mailed entries will be accepted.
4. Community Standards: No written material that violates the Community Standards required by the FCC will be accepted. Specifically, no written material that is deemed threatening, obscene, sexually explicit or exploitive, harassing, hate speech, or self–destructive will be accepted for editing. No written material that plagiarizes another author’s work will be accepted.
5. Unpublished work: Only previously unpublished work will be accepted.
6. Length of work: Written work shall be no longer than 980 characters, including spaces (approximately 215 words). This amount fits a 6×9 page with 1-inch margins.
7. Participants: Any writer may participate. All authors must work with the editor of Three Cords Publishing, Incorporated to create a piece worthy of publication in the WREN Radio Anthology. The process of creation and editing can take several email conversations between the editor and the author.
8. Copyright: The author will retain copyright to all pieces and after publication in the anthology may publish their work elsewhere. By entering original, unpublished material, the author is specifically allowing WREN Radio the right to read the edited, written piece on the air and place it in the planned WREN Radio Anthology publication, as well as for any other promotional purpose. Published authors must make sure they have the right to allow publication of previously unpublished work that they are submitting. Authors may request and pay for copies of the anthology prior to publication.
9. Length of Competition: Entries will be accepted starting January 15, 2015 until April 30, 2015. Editing entries will last until June 1, 2015. Voting will last until July 1, 2015. The finished Anthology should be completed by November, 2015.
10. Prizes: 4 sets of prizes will be available.
For Published Authors: The top vote winner in each category (2 categories: Prose/Short Story or Poetry) will receive a marketing package arranged by WREN Radio. The top twelve vote winners in each category shall receive a page featuring their entry, along with their name and latest publication noted. Last minute entries will only have 1 month to complete the editing process.
For Unpublished Authors: The three top vote winners in each category (2 categories: Prose/Short Story or Poetry) will receive cash prizes of at least: $150 for first prize, $100 for second prize, and $75 for third prize – The prizes may be larger depending on the number of entries. Nine other top vote winners will have their poems or prose published under an “Honorable Mention” Heading. All unpublished authors who have worked with the editor of Three Cords Publishing through to their “Going to Press” acknowledgement from the editor will be published in the anthology. Last minute entries will only have 1 month to complete the editing process. Any entrant who has not finished the editing process by June 1, 2015 will not have an entry in the 2015 anthology.
All Authors: The names of the top vote winner in each of the two categories will be placed on the front cover of the Anthology (two names). Each of the twelve people in each category mentioned above will have their names on the back of the anthology, totaling 48 names.
11. Disclaimer: Neither WREN Radio nor Three Cords Publishing, Inc. will be responsible for choosing which works ultimately receive recognition. The public will be able to vote and refer voters to the WREN Radio site. All works must meet the guidelines within this set of rules. WREN Radio and Three Cords Publishing, Inc. are not responsible for errors in transmission or communication of the works ultimately made public.

Contact Information

Karen Overturf
Developmental Editor
Three Cords Publishing
dba Creative Corners Gallery, Books & Gifts, "The Extra Space Place"
115 SE 6th Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66603

Email preferred form of contact: creativecornersgg[email protected]

Telephone 785-408-5975
alternative phone 785-380-6129



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