Scribblers House

Represents nonfiction from experts in the areas of health, medical, diet, nutrition, the brain, psychology, self-help, how-to, business, personal finance, memoirs, biography, history, politics, writing, … Read More “Scribblers House”

Serendipity Literary Agency

Represents adult and young adult fiction and adult nonfiction. Especially interested in African-American fiction, Latino fiction, women

Richard Parks Agency

Represents authors of general trade fiction and nonfiction. Of special interest are narrative nonfiction, biography and autobiography, history, popular culture, medicine and health, psychology, parenting, … Read More “Richard Parks Agency”

Robin Mizell

Seeks prescriptive nonfiction; long-form narrative journalism; neuroscience, psychology, sociology and popular culture; memoir and biography; literary and commercial fiction; and young adult (not middle grade … Read More “Robin Mizell”

Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency

Specializes in general fiction and literary crime fiction as well as biographies, narrative nonfiction, travel, etc. See website for specific agent interests.

P.S. Literary Agency

Represents fiction and nonfiction in the following categories: literary, commercial mainstream, romance, women