The Furious Gazelle Halloween Contest 2015

Dear readers, Although the leaves have not yet turned, the time has come once again for the Furious Gazelle’s annual Halloween contest. Send us something haunting, grotesque, pumpkin-themed, etc. and you could win a $50 cash prize and a book in the genre of your choosing. The top contenders will all be published on our …

Published: September 18, 2015

Women in Water

We at Eco-Chick are thrilled to announce our inaugural writing contest. We invite writers to submit a work of fiction, nonfiction or poetry related to our ongoing theme of women and the environment. The focus of this year’s contest is water. Water is clear, refreshing, baptismal. One of our most precious resources, water has long …

Published: September 18, 2015

Writers’ Village International Short Fiction Award winter 2015

$1,600 is the top prize on offer with cash prizes totaling $3,200. Everyone wins because every contestant, win or lose, gains feedback on how their stories were graded – plus tips for improvement. Winners will be awarded the title ‘Winner, the Writers’ Village International Short Fiction Award winter 2015’ and see their work showcased online. …

Published: September 17, 2015

Submissions (themed and non-themed) for The Los Angeles Review

The Los Angeles Review is pleased to announce a new general submission category: rotating themed submissions! For each submission period, writers will have the option to submit their work to either the general submission category or the rotating themed category. We are now accepting submissions for our first themed submission category, for a chance to …

Published: September 16, 2015

Nat. Brut Flash Fiction Contest

We are excited to announce that Amy Hempel will serve as judge for our second ever Flash Fiction Contest! Each submitter is allowed up to two entries for a $15 entry fee. 100% of the money raised through the contest will go directly into the magazine and its projects. The top three entries will receive …

Published: September 15, 2015

The Threepenny Editor Annual Novel Contest

When I started The Threepenny Editor in 2003, the ink on my creative writing degree was barely dried. I founded the company with a simple idea that has helped it grow into the robust, respected editing service it is today: I would give writers the kind of service I’d like to receive if I were …

Published: September 14, 2015

The Writer’s “Two Roads Diverge” short story contest

Have YOUR story read by novelist Colum McCann in The Writer‘s new short story contest,“Two Roads Diverge.” “There is always room for at least two truths.” ―TransAtlantic “With all respects to heaven, I like it here.” ― Let the Great World Spin Write a 2,000-word short story responding to one or both quotes by novelist and …

Published: September 14, 2015

Pulp Literature Magazine

We’re not your old boring lit mag, we’re “Good books for the price of a beer!” Short stories, novellas, graphic shorts and poetry in all genres, meant to entertain. We are in print and digital editions, four times a year, with original illustrations. We print Hugo award winners next to first-time authors. We impress the …

Published: September 14, 2015

Urban Omnibus: As Seen On [ ]

We are pleased to announce the fourth annual Urban Omnibus writing competition: As Seen On [ ]. This year, UO invites writers to explore the changing relationship between performance, audience and the physical city through narrative, theory, history or humor.

Published: September 13, 2015