Young Adult

The Cooke Agency

Represents literary fiction, commercial fiction (science fiction, fantasy and romance), nonfiction (specifically narrative-driven works in the areas of popular culture, science, history, politics and natural … Read More “The Cooke Agency”

Stimola Literary Studio, Inc.

Represents preschool through young adult fiction and nonfiction. Check website for current interests. Email queries preferred.

Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency

Represents a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction for adults, young adults and children. Email queries preferred.

Serendipity Literary Agency

Represents adult and young adult fiction and adult nonfiction. Especially interested in African-American fiction, Latino fiction, women

Robin Mizell

Seeks prescriptive nonfiction; long-form narrative journalism; neuroscience, psychology, sociology and popular culture; memoir and biography; literary and commercial fiction; and young adult (not middle grade … Read More “Robin Mizell”

S©ott Treimel NY

Represents writers and illustrators of books for children and YA , all categories. Queries only via online submission form.