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A writer’s guide to saving for retirement

Here are some options and resources to help you successfully plan out your future.

Retirement planning
It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Photo by Khongtham/Shutterstock

Maybe you’re counting down the years (or minutes). Or maybe you can’t ever see yourself retiring. Regardless of your age and retirement timeline, now is the time to be saving for your future. Here are some of the options and resources all writers need to consider when establishing or revisiting their retirement strategy.

Getting started

Writer and editor Christy Karras began her career as a staff writer. “I realized early that as a writer I wouldn’t make a ton of money, so I wanted to be savvy about it,” says Karras. She contributed to her company’s 401(k) and learned about investing. The concept of compounding interest – interest earned on the initial principal and any accrued interest – blew her away. “Your money is making money on its own,” she says. “That’s amazing.”

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