Parallel work: What to do when the words won’t come

You can't write all day, every day. Here are 11 activities to help you shake things up without losing any momentum.

Parallel Work- Running Errands
Running errands is one productive activity to take your mind off of not writing.

4. Run errands or do chores.

The day always ends with you lacking the energy to take care of personal matters, right? Time to remedy that. Start the laundry. Unload the dishwasher. Change the water filter. Pay bills. At least you’re accomplishing something, and with today’s technology, answering your editor’s worried email in the dairy aisle has never been easier. Plus, it feels good. My wife works full time. I work at home. On slow days, I try to pick up the domestic slack, because I possess the flexibility she doesn’t.  


5. Clean your desk.

It’s hard to do interviews if you can’t find the phone – I think it’s under that wobbly, dusty two-year-old archive of New Yorkers – or if you knock over 10 coffee mugs while trying to find a pen that’s older than Betty White.

6. Get ready for tax season.

Corral those stray receipts, expense reports, and paychecks so that you’re not hyperventilating come tax time, which comes despite our fervent prayers. If you’re dreading another year of tackling columns of difficult figures, solicit suggestions for an accountant. Trust me: A thorough, responsive CPA is worth every penny.