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Does your book need a DIY launch team?

Authors recruit DIY launch teams to propel new books into the spotlight.


When Seattle-based author Lyanda Lynn Haupt published her latest book, Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit, in the spring of 2021, she wasn’t quite sure how to get word of it to readers in the midst of a pandemic. The usual bookstore tours and conferences weren’t happening. “It caught me off guard,” she says.
“I realized I’d have to do some things a little bit differently than with my previous books.”

Haupt and her publisher sent notes and advance copies of the book “to people in the world that I thought were kindred spirits, people that I knew or didn’t know, who might enjoy the book and share it in turn.” She didn’t ask for anything in particular; nevertheless, people shared the book on their social media feeds, reviewed it in key places, and wrote magazine profiles of her.

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