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Find your niche magazine

Think the magazine industry is dead? These five editors beg to differ.

Find your niche. Photo by patpitchaya/Shutterstock

For every hobby and interest, there’s a magazine. Passionate about beading? Pick up Bead&Button. Fascinated by sustainable living? Try Permaculture Magazine. There are magazines for sailors, costumers, historians, and hip-hop dancers. A few years ago, I taught at a writers’ conference and lamented the lack of publications to which I could submit an essay about my neighborhood’s wild turkeys. A man in camouflage stood up in the back row. “Here,” he said, and held up a copy of Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine.

We caught up with five magazine editors to bring you the scoop on what they love to publish, how to wow them with a professional pitch, and why – despite rumors to the contrary – the magazine industry remains an exciting force in publishing. The takeaway? Identify your niche, find your magazine, study back issues, and pitch your very finest stories and articles.

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