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How one humor writer went from 0 to 30+ published bylines in just one year

...And how you can, too.

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“If you write one story, it may be bad. If you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor.”

—Edgar Rice Burroughs

If you write 100 stories, you’re going to have trouble keeping track of them. No editor wants to re-read something they’ve rejected before. And you’re going to want to showcase your work so that others can find and follow you.

You can spend hours creating spreadsheets (procrastination, remember?), or you can use online tracking sites. I use; while it bills itself as a “social impact platform,” the majority of journals and sites use it as a means of attracting, reading, and culling submissions. Duotrope is another site many use to find publications and tracking submissions; although it operates on a subscription model, it also offers free trials for new users.

It’s also wise to have a website as well as stay connected on social media, so you can notify readers when you get published and keep track of what fellow writers are publishing. If you don’t have a savvy computer friend willing to be paid in free meals, there are several online tutorials and resources you can use to establish a social presence and website to showcase your work. Many of these are free or at minimal cost. One site to consider is, a free blog host platform. You’ll have your own author page for your work, both draft and published, and can use that link when submitting to Medium publications (Slackjaw or Crow’s Feet, for example). You can publish whatever you want, whenever you want, and Medium can help you curate your pieces to select audiences who share your interests. By becoming a part of Medium’s Partner Program (which is free), you can also elect to earn money when Medium members read your work.