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Denouement Literary Agency, LLC


“Where Authors and Publishers Tie the Knot!”

Denouement Literary Agency LLC is in the business of making dreams come true – if your dream is to become a published author.

We work to find the best traditional publishing house for your manuscript. And you don’t pay a penny until you are offered a contract!

Taking a percentage on Royalties is old fashioned in this e-literate world because royalties are based on the distributor and how well the publisher markets your book – NOT on how well it is written. DLA has a new way of doing things. We focus on getting the publishing contract.

We have an exclusive clientele and work with each author on an individual basis. We will look at most fiction and non-fiction as long as it is well-written. Read over the website pages and follow our directions to make the best impression.

Understand that there is a difference between great writing and marketable writing. Be willing to make a few changes. Even Cinderella had to wear glass slippers when her leather socks were perfectly comfortable.

If you want to “tie the knot” with a publisher, Denouement Literary Agency LLC will help you “live happily ever after.”

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